Web hosting for Great Barrier Island!

Great Speed!

We don't overload our servers so your website goes faster.

Great Security!

Using world class hosting and security providers.

Great Price!

Because we aren't in it for the money our pricing is great.


We looked at the speed of websites on the Island and largely it wasn't good. Our servers are hosted with one of the worlds top cloud hosting providers and should offer the island either on par performance or better. But you don't have to trust us. You can do it yourself with Linode.


Our servers are firewalled by default with hassle free SSL/TLS security and fail2ban with server manager Runcloud. Leaving the management of our servers allows them to respond to server level security incidents before they happen.


Because we use tried and true solutions and just serve web-pages instead of trying to do everything we are either cheaper or better (or both) than what is currently in the New Zealand market.