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Founded in 2017, Mason Bee Limited specialises in bringing together proven solutions for technological obstacles.

The Internet has a vast array of ready built solutions from software, such as Wordpress, to server management services, such as Runcloud or Linode. There is little need to bootstrap every project or to reinvent the wheel. This is one of the benefits of the Internet: The ability to share in and build upon others efforts.

MBL also believes in doing some good in the world so if you are a New Zealand Registered Trust then please tell us. This especially applies to the smaller islands of New Zealand such as Aotea. Islands like Aotea have special circumstances that can make it hard for them to be heard by the wider world and we can help in many ways. For instance we have been hosting the website of the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust at a discounted rate since inception.




In 2019 MBL helped implement the website for a new type of French consulting firm including hosting it on it's own virtual private server. Image of the operandi. website


In 2019 MBL implemented the website for the environmental company Envirokiwi. Additionally MBL also installed and configured a local network and server based backup system.

Image of the Envirokiwi website

Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust

Since 2017 MBL has been both the webmaster and hosting provider of the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust's website with yearly reviews and updates of the content.

Image of the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust website

Spectacular by Nature Garden Tour

Since 2017 MBL has been in charge of updating content, graphics and layout for the “Spectacular by Nature” Garden Tour website.

Image of the Spectacular by Nature” Garden Tour website

Mason Bee Limited

The Mason Bee Limited website was created using a template from HTML5 UP.

Image of the Mason Bee Limited website



Mason Bee Limited can implement a website based on either HTML5/CSS or Wordpress based on your needs and requirements. We are also available for website maintenance, updates and corrections.

Social Networks

We can also create small social networks for your family or business based on Peepso, the next generation user profile and social networking plugin for WordPress.

Virtual Private Servers

If you require hosting then we are able to host your website on one of our secured Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or, if you expect more traffic, we can host it on it’s own secured VPS.